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We at DIKOTLA Originals are open and committed to the idea of collaborations with all communities, hosting screening and workshop events of the Skierlik film, sharing our story, knowledge, and experience on creative arts entrepreneurship, writing, producing, acting, and more, for theatre as a hybrid of live and digital media. 

Events are traditionally curated and structured to start with a preview screening of the production experience, leading into the focus activity/subject of the event, transitioning into a question-and-answer session where needed.

Workshops program can be packaged into anything between a one-day crash course, or as a more detailed long-form program.

Facilitated by Phillip Dikotla, with the support of the key project personnel where applicable. 

Thee program is accessible to anyone with an interest in the creative process' and business opportunities presented by the production of live performance when curated exclusively for digital audiences, as an alternative or mediatory genre of live and audio-visual media.

To host and bring our knowledge imparting experiences to your community. Please contact us with you enquiries and/or proposal letters on -

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